A Dream Came True

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A Dream Came True

It was late in the night; I was fast asleep when the doorbell rang. I stumbled down the stairs and found a light flickering, “It is a normal thing to see in an old light” I thought. Looking carefully around, I took calculated steps to reach the door, but suddenly a vase fell upon my side. I gasped at the sudden sound and felt terrified. My whole body had been shaken at the fact of knowing a person had entered the house without me opening the door. I could feel my blood rushing from my head down to my toes.

I strolled around my house still shaking hoping that nothing more unexpected happens. To my unluckiness, I felt those events where I tried to open the doors, the doors unexpectedly creaked and shut with a loud sound, the windows creaking were a top notch. Tip toeing around my new house, I came in front a room. I squinted my eyes thinking about something then without wasting a moment I entered inside it. It was a big, wide room and the light supply had been gone and it was of no use as the old owners described it as weird and they made it clear that they did not like it.

It was pitch dark and petrifying to indeed walk in there, I needed a torch to enter so I dashed to get it from the living room. Coming back into the room, I carefully closed the door behind. I faced the darkness again and that is when the light started functioning normally, I was shocked as this was not the case a minute ago.

Closing my eyes and gulping a whole lump of my throat, gathering all the courage I had, I went deeper inside the dimly lit empty room. I felt something on my shoulder, gasped, hoped that it was not a chilling sight waiting for me to behold. I turned my head. It was a bird colored in orange and yellow that flew to my hand. I caressed and tried to find what bird it was. Down on my luck the already dimly lighted room flickered into darkness and the bird too flew away. I was left alone and only what I could do was run back to the door I came in from. I did it and I found the door, but something was weird. Opening it, I found a few stairs that were proceeding up to the roof, the door shut close behind me. My eyes widened when the lock was not turning. Tears of fear fell from my eyes as the only thing now I must do was to climb those stairs. On climbing the last step, I heard rain’s pitter patter and sticking my head out I could see the sky. Climbed further and I found myself already on the roof’s tiles. I was safe I felt for a second, yet little did I know the roof was not any type of flat roof but a skillion roof. I slipped and the next thing was darkness in front of me. I could not feel anything except numbness and then heard the siren of an ambulance.

That is when I woke up panting and was utterly terrified of the nightmare I had and looked around my room. “What a relief!” were the only words that I could articulate at that moment. Calming myself down and believing that it was nothing but mere dream, I laid my head in a comfortable position and went back to sleep.

Moments later, I heard the same doorbell ring. My eyes opened wide and started shivering. Whatever was going to happen next, I made myself affirm that I was not going to get out of my bed. God knows, what I had felt and seen that night. My body tenses up on remembering about it.

By Attiya Tul Hayee

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A Dream Came True

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