Moral Stories

The Lazy Man and the God’s Plan

The Lazy Man and the God’s Plan Once there was a lazy man who always looked for an easy way to feed himself. One day, while he was wandering in search of food, he came across a fruit farm. He thought that nobody was watching, so he decided to steal some fruits. As he climbed […]

Handful Grain – Stories of Tenali Rama

Handful Grain – Stories of Tenali Rama There was an arrogant woman named Vidhya in the Vijayanagara Kingdom. She was proud of loved showing off her intelligence. One day she put up a board outside her house, offering anyone 1000 gold coins if they could outsmart her in wisdom and intelligence. Many scholars took up […]

The Eagle and The Ant

The Eagle and The Ant Once upon a time, in a vast and beautiful forest, there lived a majestic eagle named Sofiya. She had the most magnificent golden feathers and a keen eye that could spot her prey from miles away. One day, while she was soaring high above the forest, she spotted a tiny […]

Honesty Saves Village

Honesty Saves Village Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a lush forest, there lived a young boy named Ganesh. Ganesh was known throughout the village for his honesty and integrity. He was always truthful, even when it was difficult, and he was respected by all who knew him. […]

The Grinch

The Grinch The Grinch was a creature so cold and so mean,He lived in a cave on a mountain so steep.He had a heart that was small, and his belly was round,But there was one thing that he didn’t have found: A reason to love, or a reason to care,For the people who lived in […]

Cleaning The Park

Cleaning The Park Rohan asked his mom if he could ride his bike to the park. “As long as you wear your helmet when you are riding,” she said. When Rohan got to the park it was filled with peopleholding garbage bags. A lot of his friends were there and so were some of his […]

A Good Habit

A Good Habit Rian reads more than anyone he knows. He loves to read during all of his free time. His friends used tease him because he would rather read than play video games, but his parents and his teachers are proud of him. They say reading is important, and it will help him learn […]

The Old Miser

The Old Miser There once was an old miser who lived in an old house with a garden. The old miser used to hide all his money under stones in his garden. Every night, before he went to bed, the miser went out into his garden to count his money. He continued the same routine […]

Grown Up Children

Grown Up Children When adults just stop caring,They can be children again. I knew a bus driver. He was really old and straight forward. He didn’t talk much. One time, his bus stopped in front of a huge 3 story house. The grass was wet from the sprinkler, and there were kids running around laughing, […]

The Lazy Man

The Lazy Man Once there lived a young man in a large house. He was very lazy. Every day he would wake up in the afternoon, eat his meals and then lay in bed again. One day his cousin came by to visit him, he saw him being so lazy and was puzzled by this […]

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