The Farmer And The King – Uses Of Money

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The Farmer And The King – Uses Of Money

In a kingdom renowned for its majestic ruler and opulent palace, there existed a king whose prosperity was celebrated far and wide. Despite the luxurious comforts surrounding him, an internal unrest plagued the king, prompting him to seek answers from astrologers, scholars, and pundits. Despite various attempts to find solace, his discontent persisted.

Driven by a desire to understand the root of his unrest, the king decided to embark on a covert exploration of his kingdom. Assuming a common disguise, he roamed the lands and eventually found himself near a humble farmer’s field. Observing the farmer, clad in tattered clothing, contentedly enjoying a meal beneath a tree, the king felt inspired to bring some happiness to the man’s life.

Approaching the farmer, the king presented him with four gold coins that had supposedly fallen on his field. The farmer, however, declined the offer, stating that he did not need the money. Intrigued by the farmer’s unusual response, the king inquired further.

The farmer explained, “Sir, I earn four rupees each day, and I find contentment in that modest income.”

Perplexed, the king questioned the farmer’s satisfaction with such a meager earning. The farmer responded, “Happiness is not determined by the amount one earns, but by how that money is used.”

Curious, the king asked, “What do you do with your four rupees ?”

The farmer replied, “I put one cent in the well for my family’s needs, use the second to repay debts and care for my parents, lend the third for my children’s education, and bury the fourth in the soil to save for future necessities.”

Puzzled yet intrigued, the king wished to understand the farmer’s philosophy in more detail. Unfortunately, the farmer had departed.

The next day, the king summoned a court meeting to discuss the incident and sought the meaning of the farmer’s statement from his courtiers. Unable to provide a satisfying explanation, the court decided to bring the farmer before the king.

Upon locating the farmer, the king invited him to the court. Impressed by the farmer’s wisdom, the king asked for an account of how he spent his four cents.

The farmer elucidated, “I allocate one rupee for immediate family needs, another to fulfill my responsibilities, the third for educating my children, and the fourth is saved for future necessities or charitable purposes.”

The king grasped the essence of the farmer’s approach. The story imparts the moral that genuine happiness stems not from the sheer accumulation of wealth but from the mindful and purposeful use of resources to fulfill responsibilities, support loved ones, and contribute to the welfare of society. The king realized that true contentment lay in the responsible utilization of one’s wealth, aligning with the farmer’s insightful perspective.

By Karan Bhardwaj

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The Farmer And The King – Uses Of Money

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