The Jealous Hawk

The Jealous Hawk

Once upon a time, there was a hawk. He was very proud of his eyesight as he could spot a hare from five miles away. One day, the hawk went to a pond and saw a kingfisher fishing very well.

The hawk thought that the kingfisher does not have as good eyesight as him, however, the kingfisher still hunts well. The hawk thought, “I must show the kingfisher that I am much better than him and I will win”.

The next day, the hawk dived into the pond to catch a fish but suddenly a crocodile caught one of his talons. The hawk panicked and feared his life, however, somehow, he pecked into the eye of the crocodile and flew away.

The hawk then said to himself that he will never again try to imitate anyone.

Moral: Everyone is special, and we all do not need to be good at the same thing.

By Devansh Pandey

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The Jealous Hawk

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