Rose and Rosa

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Rose and Rosa

This story is of a kind girl and a greedy girl.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Rose. She was kind and beautiful , but her sister Rosa was cruel and greedy. One day Rose helped an old woman & the woman said “You are kind & I will give you a gift”. Rose became happy.

Rose ran to show her gift to her sister Rosa. Rosa was greedy. So when Rose went to the shop, Rosa stole her gift. It was a magic gift Rosa said “gilli gilli” but the gift did not open. Instead of gift, a snake was there.

Rosa cried & said help me! help me! Rose then went to her sister as she was watching all these from far. She said to Rosa” I told you not to do any wrong things in life ever but you never listened to me.

Rosa realised her mistake & said sorry and will never do such thing in life. Rose hugged her tightly . Rosa became very sincere and hardworking girl from that day.

Moral of the story- One should not be greedy & should not do wrong acts.

By Saanvi Singh Deo

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Rose and Rosa

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