The Farmer And The Crow

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The Farmer And The Crow

Once, a farmer named Raju always had a trouble while growing crops. When he grows the crop the worms come and eat and destroys the crops.He can’t buy insectisides and esticides because he can’t afford.

One day, a crow was hungry and tired. When he finds any insect,his friends always come behind him when he eats any insect. Somehow the crow ran from his friends and while going he saw a crop and a jug of water. He stopped and drank some water from the jug, but the Raju saw him drinking the water.He thought that he came to eat.But the reality was, he came to eat worms and to drink water.Raju took his shotgun and he shooted the crow. By his luck he was not much injured.He rested for two day on tree.At evening, he gone to Raju’s crop he ate some worms and drank some water.

After a week, Raju found some difference in the crops. He was wondering how the worms reduced. Did it reduced by itself or someone did ? He got happy. On the next day Raju woke up. He thought if I farming now and sleep in afternoon and woke up at evening. I would get the answer who reduced the worm. He got serious about worm. The crow saw him at the farm doing something.The crow slept again. In afternoon he went to his old friends to tell them after the farmer and the worms. He went quickly , after about an hour he reached at his friends nest.

His friends saw him and said why did you go far from us . The crow said , I need some food and I wanted to be alone. I got the best place for food. His friends can’t wait they said lets go to the place. The crow team went to the place. When they reached it suddenly rained heavily. At night the crow got some fruits which they shared and ate. In the morning they all went to eat the worms. The farmer saw and he quietly went towards the hut and brought some water on a dish for the crow.

The crow was scared a little but understood and drank water. The farmer was very happy . The worms got reduced and the crows got its food. Daily the crow and his friends would come and eat worms and the farmer sell healthy vegetable because of the crows.

By Chinmay Bhat

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The Farmer And The Crow

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