The Lazy Man and the God’s Plan

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The Lazy Man and the God’s Plan

Once there was a lazy man who always looked for an easy way to feed himself. One day, while he was wandering in search of food, he came across a fruit farm. He thought that nobody was watching, so he decided to steal some fruits. As he climbed the tree, the farmer spotted him and came running with a stick. The lazy man got scared and ran into the nearby forest to hide.

While he was walking through the forest, he saw a fox with only two legs crawling around happily. He wondered how the fox was surviving in such a condition without being able to run. Suddenly, a lion approached with a piece of meat in his mouth. All the other animals fled, but to the lazy man’s surprise, the lion left the meat for the fox.

The lazy man was amazed by this and felt that God had a plan for everything. He believed that God had a plan for him too, so he sat in a place waiting for someone to feed him. However, after two days of waiting, he felt so hungry that he couldn’t take it anymore, and he began to leave.

On his way, he met an old sage and told him everything that had happened. The sage first gave him some food and water. After having it, the lazy man asked the sage, “Oh wise one, why did God show mercy to the crippled fox but not to me?”

The old sage replied with a smile, “God has a plan for everyone. You took His sign in the wrong way. He didn’t want you to be like the fox; He wanted you to be like the lion.”

Moral : The moral of this story is that God has a plan for everyone, but it is up to us to interpret it correctly. We should not use God’s signs or miracles as an excuse to be lazy or expect things to be handed to us on a platter.

Prabhat Pillai

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The Lazy Man and the God’s Plan

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