Christmas Is Here

Christmas Is Here Christmas is hereA time of cheerSanta’s on his wayBringing joy to all on this special day The tree is trimmed and lights aglowFamilies gather, letting love flowGifts are given, hearts are fullOn this magical, snowy Christmas bull Let us be thankful for all we’ve receivedFor the love and joy that we have […]

The Grinch

The Grinch The Grinch was a creature so cold and so mean,He lived in a cave on a mountain so steep.He had a heart that was small, and his belly was round,But there was one thing that he didn’t have found: A reason to love, or a reason to care,For the people who lived in […]

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Twinkling lights on the tree,Stockings hung with care,Children snuggled in bed,Dreaming of Santa Claus there. He comes down the chimney,With a big red sack,Filled with toys and gifts,For the good boys and girls, looking back. He chuckles and smiles,As he fills up each stocking,Leaving behind treats,For the ones who have been good, no […]

Christmas Craft

Christmas Craft It is the festive time and time to bring out the Christmas tree and decorations. It also means the arrival of Santa Claus and that is also the reason why children are so excited about this festival.  Here is an art from out Little Author Jayden.


Christmas Christmas is here, the snow is fallingThe lights are twinkling, the bells are calling The tree is lit, the presents are wrappedThe smell of cookies in the air The carols are playing, the snowman is madeThe holiday season is here to stay The lights twinkle and sparkle and shineThe Christmas carols, they all rhyme […]

Christmas Is Near

Christmas Is Near Christmas is on its wayIt is not the time to go astrayIt is time to be good and niceOr being naughty will pay the price Clean your rooms and everywhereDirty clothes should be nowhereHelp Mom in her everyday choreEven though you feel it is a bore Being good today and everydayFor Santa […]


December December is the month, When families get together, To celebrate the holidays, In cold and snowy weather. The ground is so white, The sky peaceful at night, With Decorations everywhere, And presents below the Christmas tree. We say hello to Winter, And wave goodbye to the year, We light the Christmas tree, To spread […]

The Grinch And The Snow

The Grinch And The Snow It was a cold snowy Saturday winter morning. I was cuddled in my blanket and drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows.”Darsh!” My mom called ,”Get ready and come down stairs.” I wore my amazing red shiny Christmas sweater. I went down stairs. My mom took out the gingerbread cookies from the […]

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