Draco – The Friendly Dragon

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Draco – The Friendly Dragon

There was once a young dragon whose name was Draco. Unlike other dragons Draco was not mean and bad. He did not eat anyone but loved eating apples and bananas. But still the villagers feared him. He had no friends and so he was very lonely.

One day he saw a little girl playing by the river. Draco approached her and asked her if he could play with her. At first the little girl felt scared but then she said “Ok”.

“My name is Draco. What is your name?” asked Draco.

“My name is princess Lisa” said the little girl.

They became good friends and used to meet everyday. One day Lisa told her mother about Draco, her mother became very scared and instructed the soldiers to find the dragon and kill it.

When Draco saw the soldiers, he ran away. He was afraid for himself and for his friend Lisa as he did not want her to be hurt. When Lisa came to know about this, she was very upset and ran out of the palace to find his friend. It became dark and Lisa got lost in the forest. The king and queen along with their soldiers started searching for her.

Unfortunately due to the darkness Lisa fell into a trap set by hunters and got injured. She cried for her help. Draco heard her cries and pulled her out of the trap. The king saw this and understood that Draco would not harm her and in fact could be a great guardian for Lisa. He thanked Draco and allowed them to be friends. Everyone was happy.

Moral : Sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

By Navya Kumar

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Draco – The Friendly Dragon

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