The Mystery Of The Missing Glasses

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The Mystery Of The Missing Glasses

Navya loved reading mystery books like Nancy Drew and Famous Five. She used to tell everyone that she would become a great detective like Sherlock Holmes when she grew up. All during the summer vacation she read mystery books and solved puzzles.

“Now where did I put my glasses”, she heard her mom talking to herself. Navya knew that without her glasses Navya’s mom found it difficult to drive and they were supposed to go her granny’s house in the afternoon.

It was a mystery and Navya was all set to solve it.

She went to her parent’s bedroom and sat on the bed. Her mom was trying to find the glasses in the cupboard.

“Where did you last use it?” asked Navya.

“I had them on while I was watching the news this morning,” she said.

“Where were you watching the news?” asked Navya.

Her mom thought for a minute, and then she answered that she was in the living room. She remembered sitting in the sofa and taking off her glasses when the news ended. She thought she placed her glasses on the table, but they weren’t there.

“Are you sure you didn’t put them on again after the morning news?” asked Navya. “Maybe I did,” her mom replied. “Let’s walk through your day, Mom,” said Navya. Her mom described everything she remembered doing during the day so far. She mentioned watching the news, making breakfast, working in her home office and then watering the plants.

It was after watering the plants that she started looking for her glasses. After hearing about her mom’s day, Navya retraced her path through the house and the balcony. She looked under the cushion of the sofa, in the kitchen, in her office and around the flower pots in the balcony.

But she couldn’t find the glasses. Navya didn’t give up easily though so she looked in each place again and even looked harder. It was on her second go around of the kitchen that she thought to open the cabinets instead of just looking on the counters.

Navya solved the mystery, the puzzle and the problem. She found her mom’s glasses in the drawer with the cutlery.

“Thank you, Navya,” said her mom, “I wouldn’t be able to see anything without you. You are the best little detective around”

By Navya Kumar

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The Mystery Of The Missing Glasses

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