The Mystery Of The Missing Water

Mystery of Missing Water - Little Authors - Bedtime stories

The Mystery Of The Missing Water

The summer vacation continued, it was time for Navya to visit her grand parents in their village. Their grandparents lived around 200km from the city where Navya lived.

As soon as they reached the village, Navya could feel the heat all over the body. It was hot, very very hot. Her clothes became damp with sweat quickly. She ran straight into the house and started the AC. Alas the AC was not working.

“Dadi, why is the AC not working? asked Navya.
“There is a power cut dear, it will come after an hour. Here drink this” replied her grandmother handing over a cool kokam sherbet.

Navya slowly drank the kokam sherbet and relaxed. The cool sherbet ran down her throat and cooled her entire body.

After a couple of minutes, she said “I am going to the river to play” and ran out of the house.

The river was not a river but a stream that ran behind her grandparents house. As she reached there she found that the stream has nearly dried up. She became sad and sat on a rock nearby. Her father came and asked her “What happened, why are you sitting here alone?”.

“The stream has almost dried up” said Navya. “Hmm, it shouldn’t be this dry, we get the water from the mountains and the trees were still green there” replied her dad.

He paused for a second giving a thought and said “I think we have a new mystery for our young detective” said her father.

Navya got up from the rock, a smile came on her face. She ran upstream trying to find out more. She must have nearly walked a couple of kilometers, when she found out a small dam made from rocks which was blocking the flow of the water. She reached the dam and saw that the water was getting diverted to a nearby field with the help of water motor pump. She ran back home and relayed what she found to her dad and her grandfather.

“That is not correct, people should not be usurping water like that” said her grandfather. He went to the phone and dialed a number, he spoke to someone on the phone for quite sometime and then hung up.

“I spoke to the sarpanch of the village, they agreed that it is incorrect and will take necessary action” replied her grandfather.

The next day Navya went back to the stream and found that the stream water was flowing smoothly. She dipped her toes in the water and enjoyed its coolness on her feet.

Another mystery solved for Navya Kumar.

By Navya Kumar

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The Mystery Of The Missing Water

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