The Case of the Missing Coins

The Case of the Missing Coins - Little Authors

The Case of the Missing Coins

It was a rainy day and Navya was sitting in her room when she received a call from her friend, Aditi. Aditi sounded very worried and asked Navya to come over to her house immediately.

When Navya reached Aditi’s house, she saw that the living room was in a mess. The furniture was overturned, and the curtains were ripped.

“What happened” she asked her friend.

Aditi explained that her father’s valuable collection of antique coins was missing from the living room.

“That’s the only clue” said Aditi pointing out to a muddy footprint on the carpet

Navya immediately started investigating the case. She examined the footprint and noticed that it was smaller than an adult’s foot. Navya deduced that the thief might be a child. She then started questioning Aditi’s neighbors and found out that a new family had recently moved into the neighborhood.

Navya decided to pay a visit to the new family’s house. She learned that the new family had been Aditi’s house couple of days back to introduce themselves. The family seemed friendly, but Navya noticed that the son named Rohit, seemed nervous.

Navya wanted to search Rohit’s room but she couldn’t just do it. It would have been rude. She spoke to Rohit about various things and in the pretext of seeing his comic books she forced Rohit to take him in his room. In the room she found a shoe with mud on it that matched the footprint in Aditi’s living room. When Navya confronted Rohit, he broke down and confessed that he had stolen the antique coins because he wanted to buy a gift for his mother.

Navya took the coins back and warned Rohit that she is not informing the police this time but he should not these things again. Aditi’s father was overjoyed to have his antique coins back, and Aditi was grateful to Navya for solving the case. Navya was proud of herself for being able to help her friend and solve the mystery.

By Navya Kumar

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The Case of the Missing Coins

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