The Case Of The Missing Dog

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The Case Of The Missing Dog

It was a warm evening and Navya was busy solving sudoku puzzles. She was almost on the verge of completing the current one when the phone in the living room rang.

“I am picking it up” she shouted to the others in the house and ran to pick the phone receiver up. “This is the Kumar residence, Navya speaking” she said on the receiver.

“Navya, this is Kiara here. Can you meet me down in the park immediately. Buster is missing” said her friend on the other side in an almost weepy tone.

“I will be down right away” said Navya hurriedly and shouted “I am going down to the park”

Within a minute she was in the park and found her friend sitting dejectedly on one of the park benches.

“What happened?” asked Navya as she sat next to her friend.

“I was playing stick with him and I threw one far. He went looking and never came back” replied Kiara weeping.

“Don’t worry, we will find him. He must not have travelled far. Let’s search the park ”

The two girls break up into different directions to search the park, the scene of the crime. Around ten minutes later Navya shouted, “I found a clue! I found a clue!”

She ran back to her friend with a red collar. “Where did you find it?” asked Kiara

“It was hanging on one of shrubs and there are some puppy tracks too!”  

Both of them followed the tracks which lead them to the cycle track next to the park. Kiara asks, “Why do the paw prints suddenly stop?”

“Wait, there are tracks, Kiara, they’ve just changed. It looks like cycle tracks” replied Navya.

They look at each other and realized it. Could someone have stolen Buster?  Has Buster gone forever?

“He doesn’t have his collar. Do you think someone thought he was a stray and took him to home to keep home?” They both looked hopeless because they knew that was a good possibility.

“Let’s walk the cycle track and see what we find,” said Navya. They walked for nearly a kilometer when they found out two teenagers holding a golden retriever puppy.

Navya and Kiara looked at each other happily, and yelled “Buster!”  The adorable puppy jumped down and ran towards them. The two teenagers smiled at them and one of them said, “I take it he is yours.”  Navya and Kiara looked at each other and nodded their heads. “Thank you so much for finding him,” said Kiara.

“Where did you find him?”  Navya asked. “Well,” said the boy, “We were eating ice cream and he came over and tried to take my cone. We biked fast because we thought he was a stray without his collar, but he followed us.”

The other one said “We stopped and gave him the other ice-cream , we  realised that he was somebody’s as he looked healthy.” 

“Thanks you some much again!”  Kiara and Navya said. The two teenagers waved bye and went riding away.

After they left, Navya and Kiara put Buster’s collar back on and started walking back to their homes with Buster happily trotting next to them.

When they reached their building, Kiara said “Thank you for finding Buster Detective Navya!”

By Navya Kumar

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The Case Of The Missing Dog

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