Book Review – Demolition Dad

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Book Review – Demolition Dad

I love books with humor and fun. My favourite book series is “Diary of Whimpy Kid”. Recently I read Demolition Dad which my dad brought it for me. I found the book utterly charming, I adored the story of Jake and his Dad.

Firstly the relationship between Jake and his Dad is awesome. I loved seeing the bond between them and seeing that positive father and son relationship. It is clear that Jake’s hero is his dad and this is a driving force of the story. Something which is true for me as well.

Jake’s dad is a demolition man, who works on various construction sites and has a reputation for being the best in town. However, when his rival, Mr. Love, challenges him to a televised wrestling competition, he is faced with the possibility of losing his job and his reputation. Jake decides to help his dad by using his love for wrestling to train him for the competition and win the title of “Demolition Dad”.

The story is full of humor and action, and as the competition approaches, the tension builds. The relationship between Jake and his dad evolves throughout the story, as they learn to appreciate each other’s passions and work together to achieve a common goal.

The story itself is laugh out loud funny. There were so many times when I laughed out loud reading this book and I loved it. “Demolition Dad” is a heartwarming and entertaining story that teaches valuable lessons about the importance of family, never giving up, and pursuing one’s dreams.

By Harshit Kumar

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Book Review – Demolition Dad

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