Independence Day

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Independence Day

In lands where dreams of freedom soar,
A day of pride and joy we adore,
With colors bright and hearts held high,
Indian Independence Day draws nigh.

From struggles fierce, a nation rose,
Breaking chains, releasing throes,
Gandhi’s voice, a beacon true,
Led the march, with hope anew.

On this sacred day, we stand as one,
Honoring battles hard-fought and won,
Unity in diversity, our guiding light,
A tapestry woven strong and bright.

From north to south, from east to west,
In every heart, the spirit’s quest,
To cherish freedom, a gift so grand,
In this ancient land, where dreams expand.

So let’s rejoice, with hearts aflame,
In India’s honor, we acclaim,
Independence Day, a joyful fray,
As we march forward, come what may.

By Harshit Kumar

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Independence Day

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