If I Could Be A Superhero

If I Could Be A SuperHero - Little Authors

If I Could Be A Superhero

I’ll be a superhero if I could
with a cape of scarlet and crimson red
My speed, strength, and might be there all the same
To bring justice, peace and order to every domain

I’ll keep the citizen safe and sound
When villains strikes, I’m there around
My powers will be equal to none
As I set right all that gone wrong

I’ll be loyal hero to the end
A shining beacon, to those needing a friend.
I’ll be able to do the impossible
Defender of all that is lawful and just

I’ll be always without fear
A person who is ready to lends an ear.
Ready to save the day,
Always willing to fulfill in the superhero way.

By Harshit Kumar

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If I Could Be A Superhero

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