My Cat

My Cat I have a cat,that never sits on a mat,nor chases rats. He has a wit,sofa is where he sits,& Fish fry is what he eats. He is really fat & a big yawn he had,if he was called for exercise, he went mad,& acted like he’s the Dad. My fat cat was too […]

Fish Dream

Fish Dream Our little fish,jumps all around& has a dream to touch the ground. I say she is meant for waterbut fish doesn’t agreeshe says why can’t fish be free. I ponder about this,she is right.I must unleash. But she’s a fishshe’s limited in her little bowl,she wooden survive if I release. One day fish […]

Beloved Pets

Beloved Pets I am surrounded by adorable pets, Dog, cat, parrot, fish and other animals, I am surrounded by happiness, Because of my beloved pets! My lovely dog , bark, bark it goes, He curls up on my legs and sleeps, ooh how soft its skin is! My funny little cat, meow, meow it goes, […]

I Have A Cat

I Have A Cat I’ve a cat named Buster,And he eats and poops all day.He always sleeps around,And never wants to play. Not even with a squeaky toy,Nor anything that moves.When I have him exercise,He always disapproves. So we’ve put him on a diet,But now he yells all day.And even though he’s fitter,He still won’t […]

My Cat

My Cat I have a catShe is very fatHer name is TaffyShe is very fluffyShe likes to drink milkBut, when she drinks milk, she blinks her eyesShe eats fish in a dish By Keshav Lodha Visit our Facebook Page : Little Authors | Facebook

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