My Cat

My Cat I have a cat,that never sits on a mat,nor chases rats. He has a wit,sofa is where he sits,& Fish fry is what he eats. He is really fat & a big yawn he had,if he was called for exercise, he went mad,& acted like he’s the Dad. My fat cat was too […]

Fish Dream

Fish Dream Our little fish,jumps all around& has a dream to touch the ground. I say she is meant for waterbut fish doesn’t agreeshe says why can’t fish be free. I ponder about this,she is right.I must unleash. But she’s a fishshe’s limited in her little bowl,she wooden survive if I release. One day fish […]

Cookie & Choco – My Faraway Friends

Cookie & Choco – My Faraway Friends “Why? Can only humans be friends?” I shouted. My mom and dad said as usual, “My child, we can’t get you a dog. It has a lot of responsibilities to take.” I went mad “No! It’s not!! Why should it be?” “Ahh! Never seen such a head strong […]

Bring Your Pet Day

Bring Your Pet Day I had my backpack on my back and a leash in my hand. It was “Bring Your Pet to School” day! This was the first time the school had such event. Everyone was surprised but wanted to show off their pets. My dog Boomer was happily trotting beside me as we […]

Beloved Pets

Beloved Pets I am surrounded by adorable pets, Dog, cat, parrot, fish and other animals, I am surrounded by happiness, Because of my beloved pets! My lovely dog , bark, bark it goes, He curls up on my legs and sleeps, ooh how soft its skin is! My funny little cat, meow, meow it goes, […]

I Have A Cat

I Have A Cat I’ve a cat named Buster,And he eats and poops all day.He always sleeps around,And never wants to play. Not even with a squeaky toy,Nor anything that moves.When I have him exercise,He always disapproves. So we’ve put him on a diet,But now he yells all day.And even though he’s fitter,He still won’t […]

My Cat

My Cat I have a catShe is very fatHer name is TaffyShe is very fluffyShe likes to drink milkBut, when she drinks milk, she blinks her eyesShe eats fish in a dish By Keshav Lodha Visit our Facebook Page : Little Authors | Facebook

A Cat Named Bella

A Cat Named Bella Once upon a time a very sweet grandma lived in a red brick two storied house. She lived in a city which was close to the woods. Every day she would wake up to the chirping of the birds. One day she was feeling very bored and decided to take a […]

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