Author : Olivia Stevens

Winter Is Gone

Winter Is Gone The cold has finally taken a hikeAnd sunny days we’re happy to like It’s time to rejoiceWith a warm sunny voice The sky is a wonderful blueAnd the grass is green too The birds around are chirpingFlying high with their spread wings So let’s soak up the warm sunshine raysAnd enjoy these […]

Harry Potter

Harry Potter The world of Harry Potter, I love to explore,Where spells and potions, magical things galore. The adventures of Hogwarts, there’s something for all,My heart soars with the creatures, both big and small. The friendships and courage, the daring and fear,The emotions running through, every moment so clear. The friendship between Harry, Ron and […]

Dear Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy In this pocket of mineIs a tiny tooth to find I lost it playing todayBut I will have a new one someday So while I sleep with my dreamsCome tonight without making me scream Please make a trade with meKindly take my tooth but not for free Leave me a big shiny […]

My Friend Fido

My Friend Fido Fido is a mighty beastWho does not roll or sitHe hated walking on leashBecause his collar would not fit He never learned to heelOr do anything on my commandI tried many times to make him kneelBut it doesn’t go as planned Turns out I have a made a mistakeThe house was once […]

Just Like My Dad

Just Like My Dad In all the things I try to doI want to do them just like youI am watching every move you makeAny trying to take each step you take Although right now I’m sort of smallWhen I’m with you, I feel six feet tallLike you, I want to be brave and smartBecause […]

Ken Goes Fishing

Ken Goes Fishing The summer vacation was going and today it was a bright summer morning, Ken and his dad went for fishing. Ken was pestering his dad to learn fishing and today was the day. Ken took his fish pole and his dad took some worms. Off they went to the lake. At the […]

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