Author: Olivia Stevens

Just Like My Dad

Just Like My Dad In all the things I try to doI want to do them just like youI am watching every move you makeAny trying to take each step you take Although right now I’m sort of smallWhen I’m with you, I feel six feet tallLike you, I want to be brave and smartBecause […]

Ken Goes Fishing

Ken Goes Fishing The summer vacation was going and today it was a bright summer morning, Ken and his dad went for fishing. Ken was pestering his dad to learn fishing and today was the day. Ken took his fish pole and his dad took some worms. Off they went to the lake. At the […]

A Cat Named Bella

A Cat Named Bella Once upon a time a very sweet grandma lived in a red brick two storied house. She lived in a city which was close to the woods. Every day she would wake up to the chirping of the birds. One day she was feeling very bored and decided to take a […]

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