Cookie & Choco – My Faraway Friends

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Cookie & Choco – My Faraway Friends

“Why? Can only humans be friends?” I shouted. My mom and dad said as usual, “My child, we can’t get you a dog. It has a lot of responsibilities to take.” I went mad “No! It’s not!! Why should it be?” “Ahh! Never seen such a head strong child.” sighed my mom.

I have always came asking for a puppy or a dog as I really love them. I heard that there were a group of animals like parrots, sparrows, pigeons, hens, cats and dogs as pets in our home while I was a baby so I haven’t spend a quality time with them. But now I am quite a big child to look after the needs of a baby puppy. Alas! My wish will never get fulfilled. That’s the reason for a stroke well behaved stray dogs and puppies and even feed them.

One day when I was at school, the bell rang and all of us packed our bags and stood down for our dispersal. My pool car came and picked me and my friends. But the elder brothers timing of dispersal is half an hour late so we have to wait in the car. It was too boring so we came down and started walking around.

All of first sudden I spotted a little baby puppy and her mother standing near a food shop. I understood that they were hungry and tired as the people were beating them. I called them to me and took out my half eaten tiffin. I give them that and the two ate at their heart’s fill. Seeing me some of my pals came and gave theirs too. I stroked them gently and they came nearer to me. I thought to call the little one Cookie & her mother Choco and so did my friends. Then for many months I couldn’t see them.

Another fine day of the next year, I was going to the playground of my school bored waiting for elder brothers in the pool car. Then I noticed two dogs in front of a nice food store. They two saw me and don’t know why were following me wagging their fluffy tail. One of my friend asked me, “Isn’t that Cookie & Choco?” “What! Cookie! Choco!” I rushed to them and hug tightly as I literally wept. They woofed at me cheerfully.

I said to my pal, “See, even I had forgotten them but these two faithful dogs didn’t. We don’t know to keep the word, be loyal but they does.” They smiled as such they said, “Friends are always loyal!”

By Samriddha Biswas

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Cookie & Choco – My Faraway Friends

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