Author : Ayush Mehta

The Clever Thief

The Clever Thief In a village far away, there was a clever thief. One day he game across a garden full of mango trees. The ripes mangoes lured him there. The garden was guarded by an old guard who looked bored. The clever thief thought of a plan. He went to the guard and asked […]

The End Is Near

The End Is Near The end is near, there is no where to run, no where to hide. It’s just me and him, his glaring eyes feels that thousand knifes piercing my skin. He smiles menacingly at me. I cower with fear but try to put a brave front. I pray to the almighty to […]

I Have A Cat

I Have A Cat I’ve a cat named Buster,And he eats and poops all day.He always sleeps around,And never wants to play. Not even with a squeaky toy,Nor anything that moves.When I have him exercise,He always disapproves. So we’ve put him on a diet,But now he yells all day.And even though he’s fitter,He still won’t […]

The Magic Blanket

The Magic Blanket Ayush was 5 years old. It was summer holidays and Ayush was bored. He loved playing pretend. He draped a blanket over his shoulders. The blanket turned into a robe. Ayush had become a king! Ayush asked his mom to make dosa for breakfast. He did not think kings ate upma. Ayush […]

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