A Cat Named Bella

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A Cat Named Bella

Once upon a time a very sweet grandma lived in a red brick two storied house. She lived in a city which was close to the woods. Every day she would wake up to the chirping of the birds. One day she was feeling very bored and decided to take a walk in the woods.

The path in the woods were laden with bright colourful flowers. Grandma started picking up all the colorful flowers. There was a red one, a yellow one, a blue one, a lavender one and even a white one. She was very happy looking at all the flowers she collected. She wanted to make a nice little garland with these flowers.

Suddenly she heard thunders and lightning. A huge gush of wind rattled the leaves of the trees nearby and it started raining.

Grandma covered her head with her saree pallu and started running towards the house, alas she didnt realize that she was running in the wrong direction. She went deeper in the woods and the by the time the rain stopped she was lost.

As the sun started to go down, Grandma realised that she need to get out the woods fast but did not knew how.


She looked down towards her feet and saw a tabby kitten. She said to the kitten “I am lost”. The kitten just nodded and started walking. Grandma started following the kitten across the woods. Within no time she found herself out of the woods and could see her red brick house.

She was very happy and decided to keep the kitten.

And thats how we have a kitten named Bella.

By Olivia Stevens

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A Cat Named Bella

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