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Bring Your Pet Day

I had my backpack on my back and a leash in my hand. It was “Bring Your Pet to School” day! This was the first time the school had such event. Everyone was surprised but wanted to show off their pets. My dog Boomer was happily trotting beside me as we walked to the bus stop. The other kids in my neighborhood had their pets, too. Myra had a fish bowl with her goldfish. Sahil had a crate with his cat, Cutie, inside. Purnima had a bird cage with her lover birds, perched on a little swing. We were all excited to have our pets with us.

Once we got on the bus, though, things started to go downhill. The bus was so noisy! In addition to the normal chatter of the kids, the animals would not use their inside voices. And the smell was terrible! Boomer’s nose was trying to sniff all the new smells, and it was hard to get him to follow me into a seat. When we were seated, another dog rushed up to us with a leash trailing behind her. She and Boomer started to sniff each other curiously, and started to play.

“Fluffy! Get back here!” I heard one of the third graders shout. The dog ran towards the voice. The bus driver’s voice came over the speaker, “Please hold on to your pets! It is dangerous to have them running all over the bus!”

Finally, we were at school. As we were walking off the bus, I stepped in a small puddle. “Ugh, someone’s pet made a mess…” I said to myself. I wiped my shoes in the grass once I was off the bus. Then, I looked at the schoolyard.It looked like a zoo! There were animals everywhere! Dogs of all shapes and sizes. Colorful birds in cages. Rabbits, chinchillas, and hedgehogs in little carrying
cases. And… some animals running free through the grass and on the sidewalks, with kids chasing them in every direction!

They were making a mess. Their food and bedding was strewn over the grass. Some kids weren’t cleaning up after their dogs went to the bathroom. Fur was floating through the air. If it looks like this outside, I don’t want to see what it looks like inside, I thought. Then, something crazy caught my eye. I saw a kangaroo hopping in the grass! And a peacock strutting up the stairs! I didn’t know people could have them as pets…

I walked into the building to my classroom. The hallways smelled worse than the bus. There were still animals running wild and messes everywhere. My classroom was no better.Our teacher looked frazzled as she instructed us to keep our pets in their cages, or keep the leashes tied to our desks during class. As she was talking, she slowly started to turn into a tiger…

And suddenly I was back in my room and on my bed. Wow, no wonder our school doesn’t have a “Bring Your Pet to School” day! I thought. As much as I love Boomer, I was really glad I wouldn’t have to worry about him or his messes all day at school.

By Karan Bhardwaj

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Bring Your Pet Day

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