Friendship The affection increaseslike in heights,the love like in mathsgo on multiply. The joy continueslike the flow of life,The happiness extendstill it’s alive. The naughtiness comes uplike a dream,The unity remains foreverlike in a team. The sadness vanisheslike in the magic tricks,The strength remains samelike of a stick. It’s the friendshipthat’s stable,the bond’sabsolutely unbreakable. By […]


Friend How can you call one as friend?until & unless you know where is their end. You’ll trust, love, share & give your time happilyif you’re a loyal & trustworthy. But for a moment when you help themthey’ll remain with you as a friend, when you’ll get stuck in the rainthen they couldn’t be seen […]

Frightened Friend

Frightened Friend Hey listen!There’s something I can hearIt’s coming from that old mirror.Now coming often. No no, it’s nothingso friend, don’t scream.It’s the breeze,moving the mirror & making sounds like this. See, that’s a yell of someone,Trust me, I’m not making fun.It’s from that darknessbreaking the silence. Nobody is there, come on!See, the sound has […]


Friends Friends always help us in tricky situations, A true friend always sticks to you like glue A friend helps you in good or bad times,  And together your heart rhymes! If someone is sad and lonely, Make friends with them and see how happy they be! Some are tall and some are short, some […]

Two Friends

Two Friends Lara was a beautiful butterfly She loves to fly high in the blue sky Her friend Sara was a fly She was scared and very shy Lara and Sara went to the park They were as happy as a lark Lara and Sara went to meet their friends Holding their hands in hands […]

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