Frightened Friend

Frightened Friend - Little Authors - Poem

Frightened Friend

Hey listen!
There’s something I can hear
It’s coming from that old mirror.
Now coming often.

No no, it’s nothing
so friend, don’t scream.
It’s the breeze,
moving the mirror & making sounds like this.

See, that’s a yell of someone,
Trust me, I’m not making fun.
It’s from that darkness
breaking the silence.

Nobody is there, come on!
See, the sound has also gone.
Why to fear?
With you I’m here.

But I can’t continue the Treasure Hunt,
until you say who’s there stood.
She doesn’t have shadow,
& wearing a white clothe, oh!
Hey, that’s just doll,
Don’t worry it won’t call.
There’s absolutely nothing to scare,
Friend, it’s not spooky here.

Suddenly the lights became on
& his fear was all gone.
Other friends came out from the mirror & the doll,
& said ‘Happy Halloween’ to all.

By Samriddha Biswas

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Frightened Friend

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