Author : Sakhi Sabhachandani


Books Books are the best,They can never beat the rest, Oh forget your mobile, as well as your kindle,These gadgets don’t really twinkle, Little Women, Old Yeller, The diary of Anne Frank,They are classics, Which really are the best, Books are the bestThey can never beat the rest! By Sakhi Sabhachandani Visit our Facebook Page […]


Friends Friends always help us in tricky situations, A true friend always sticks to you like glue A friend helps you in good or bad times,  And together your heart rhymes! If someone is sad and lonely, Make friends with them and see how happy they be! Some are tall and some are short, some […]


Rain Rain Rain please come today, Lets have some talk I say! The greens are longing for rain, They will be so happy if you come again! Peter-pater Peter-pater, the raindrops are here, Oh its such a music to my ears! The birds are singing and peacocks are dancing, Oh mummy please make me some […]


Lego Playing Lego is so fun, I bet you can’t have just one! As soon as I touch the blocks, I enter a world of my own! When I make towers, bridges and garden, I feel all my jobs are done! When I touch Andrea, Mia and Stephanie It seems that I am no more me! I […]

I Am

I Am I am Miss Sakhi, so I’ll always be your friend, friend, friend, I am a crazy book lover, my love for books will never end, end, end! I am a fan of books of Sudha Murty, Nancy Drew, Judy Moody and Wimpy Kid, kid, kid! I am a classical music student so don’t […]

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