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How can you call one as friend?
until & unless you know where is their end.

You’ll trust, love, share & give your time happily
if you’re a loyal & trustworthy.

But for a moment when you help them
they’ll remain with you as a friend,

when you’ll get stuck in the rain
then they couldn’t be seen again.

They would sit & talk
whenever they need you for their job,
but in your happiness they would sob.

When you achieve something great,
you’ll see the greatest change
they’ll turn back & think of the revenge.

They would be jealous,
wouldn’t talk to you much
cause’ you’re better than them a lot.

You may be simple & kind,
but a friend who would talk to, you would never find.

You may like to share your feelings with them
but they’ll walk away for you’ve owe the fame.

You may not be proud unlike few
although the one you thought as friend,
will try to harm & distract you
& take to where it’s end.
They’re not the pals you think,
just disasters they know to bring.

By Samriddha Biswas

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