School Starts Again

School Starts Again - Siddhant Bhagwat - Little Authors

School Starts Again

Bye grandpa, bye grandma, bye everyone  
It is time for me to return as my summer holidays are done

Playing, jumping, swimming, eating I miss all the fun
I must go back because my school starts again 

Missing my family and friends is really tough  
I tell my teachers that summer break is not enough

Bags books, pens, pencils so much to pack
Hope this year I will be free from wearing mask

New class room , new benches and new teachers  
It is  time for making new friends

Science, Maths, English – new topics to learn everyday
Reading, writing,coding, drawing – new tasks to do everyday

I am into brand new grade this year
I promise I study well this year

Teachers day, childrens day, annual day grand celebrations
But I am already planning for next summer vacations

By Siddhant Bhagwat

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School Starts Again

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