The Strange Red Land

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The Strange Red Land


My spacecraft crashed and collapsed 
I fell down on the strange land

The land was red and rusty red everywhere
There was no trace of a man anywhere

I was shivering due to freezing cold
The land was rocky and there was no road

The wind was cold, dry and strong
It carried lot of dust along

I found volcanos every few miles
Red hot lava looked like high tides

I was very hungry and thirsty
The day was slowly turning dusky

I searched for water on the strange land
I could not find a drop except the sand

I felt sleepy and tried to sleep on the rocky bed
Up above the sky was red and the moon was red


A strange looking man appeared from nowhere!
He had red scars on his body everywhere

He shook my hand and said welcome to Mars!
I was so scared and all tears


Sid , Sid wake up Sid –  I heard my mom shouting
Slowly opened my eyes – oh! I was just dreaming !

By Siddhant Bhagwat

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The Strange Red Land

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