My True Friends

My True Friends - English Poem- Little Authors

My True Friends

When you ask me who is my friend?
I think to myself whom should I name?

The one who comes to light my day
Sun is my friend, Sun is my friend
The one who rise to light my dark
Moon is my friend, Moon is my friend

Those tiny sparkling diamonds
Which show me the sweetest dreams
Stars are my friends, Stars are my friends

There comes a bird singing and singing
It wakes me up daily in the morning
Cuckoo is my friend, Cuckoo is my friend

There comes a little guy when I wait for my school bus
He is a little puppy and I call him as Borus
Borus is my friend, Borus is my friend

The one who sits next to me in my class
Together we solve the toughest Maths
Rishi is my friend, Rishi is my friend

The one who created you and me
The one who gifted these friends to me
God is my friend, God is my friend

They say true friends are never apart
May be in distance but never in heart
You all fill happiness to my day
We shall remain friends come what may!

By Siddhant Bhagwat

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My True Friends

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