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I am the hidden force and a companion for life ,
I am your servant and your rife.
I am part of you and you are part of me,
however you are my creator and nurturer.

I can be your greatest helper,
Or your worst enemy.
I can take you high as you want,
Or drag you to the bottom.

You use me in every part of your life,
And hand me half the work.
It is easy as a cinch to teach me,
And show me how it’s done and I shall do it automatically.

The greatest of people were my masters,
As well as the worst of mankind alas.
Those who were great were because of me,
And the worst of them credit their failure to me too.

I am not a robot nor a machine,
I am beyond intelligence and I create wisdom.
You may run me for profit and good,
Or cause you to self-destruct.

Make me your priority and train me,
And I will place the world’s crown upon you.
Ignore me and go easy,
The worst destruction shall be upon you.

By Mohammed Uzair

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