The Couch Potato

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The Couch Potato

Once upon a time in New York lived a man named Frank. Frank was a couch potato. He spent all his day sleeping on the bed. He never had a job, never knew how to cook food and never got up from his bed (except when he went to the washroom). He had a maid who did all his work.

One day he was woken up by the ring of the doorbell. He said “Who dares to wake me up so early in the morning?” “It’s actually noon sir” said the maid. “Whatever” said Frank, get the door he added.

The maid opens the door and at the door is the police officer. Frank asked him to come in and ordered the maid to get him some tea. The police officer said “Mr. Frank you have not paid your taxes, house rent and water and electricity bills from a very long time.” Frank replied grumpily- I thought I paid them last week”

“You paid them 10 months ago, if you pay all the taxes, I shall leave but if you do not the jail’s doors are open for you.” the police replied back. “Ok, Ok what’s the cost?’ asked frank. Around $10000 was the reply.
What!!! Frank went berserk he said –I do not even have enough money to buy myself a new iPhone 15, how will I pay you?

“Then you shall go to jail, there is no other option.” The police officer replied.

“Ok, Fine I’ll pay you, Hey maid get my checkbook frank called out.” The maid gets the checkbook and asks-“here you have not paid me since 10 months too. Frank says- “Here maid take your money and you are dismissed, you did a poor job. The maid takes the money and goes away. Then Frank says “wait a second, I just ran out of money, now I cannot pay you but I can fight you” and with that he pounced on the police officer.

At the end of the fight Frank was black and white, while the police officer was still in perfect shape.
Accepting his defeat Frank decides to sell his car and pay all the taxes, he also decides to get himself a job and to stop being a couch potato.

Moral – If you are a couch potato and do no hard work in life, then you shall gain nothing in life

By Mohammed Uzair

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The Couch Potato

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