Race To The Moon

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Race To The Moon

Once upon a time there was a rivalry,
To win a race that would be mankind’s infinity.
It was a fight between U.S and U.S.S.R so fiery.
Only the bravest astronauts would take part in this attempt so scary!

I’ll tell you it’s not a war on ground,
It’s a war in space so very profound,
To land on the celestial object closest that we ever found,
It’s the amazing ultimate and unique moon so very round!

It was race tense and bemusing and non-stop,
U.S.S.R had a man go to space the first while U.S had flopped.
But this time it was just the opposite,
Blowing off all bruises and mistakes, the glory goes to the U.S so great.

By Mohammed Uzair

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Race To The Moon

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