My Younger Self

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My Younger Self

You were once so full of innocence and wonder,
Your eyes sparkled with hope and curiosity,
Your heart was open and unguarded,
Your dreams were big and untamed.

I wish I could go back and tell you,
That life will not always be easy,
That there will be moments of pain and heartbreak,
That people will hurt you and let you down.

But I would also tell you,
That you are stronger than you know,
That you have a resilience that will carry you through,
That every scar you bear will only make you more stronger.

I would tell you to never lose that spark in your eyes,
To never let anyone dim your light,
To always stand tall and stay true to yourself,
To never stop chasing your dreams.

And most importantly, I would tell you,
That you are loved beyond measure,
That you are worthy of all good things,
That you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

So hold onto that innocence and wonder, my dear younger self,
For they will guide you through the stormy seas of life,
And remember that no matter what challenges may come your way,
You are never alone, for I am always here, cheering you on.

By Mohammed Uzair

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My Younger Self

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