Author : Bidisha Maity

Never To Be Alone

Never To Be Alone A victim of severe depression, bipolar disorder and psychosis since 12, I spent a lot of my life struggling with myself. I bled inside from repetitive stabs of pain, bled outside from efforts of escaping from pain. I felt death slowly approach me responding to my calls, but for some strange […]

You Are Never Alone

You Are Never Alone You look in front of you, then behindThen around, but there isn’t any wayNor there’s any friend you can findEveryone has forsaken you and gone awayYou’re completely alone in that valley of agonyWhere you have to fight internally each dayGradually you sink deep in your miseryAnd each and every joy of […]

The Beckoning Universe

The Beckoning Universe The glitters that adornedThe eternal darkness of universeWere smiling at her,Silently calling her, “Come, come!” The stream of sweet wind flowedThrough her mangled soul and strokedLovingly her sore eyes and whispered,“Come, we’ll take you with us!” But she couldn’t do anything thanGrasping the emptiness, and stretchingHer arms to nothingness, becauseShe knew, her […]

The Blessings Of Paradise

The Blessings Of Paradise The light again began to come back to her eyes. She could see and hear again. She stretched her almost numb hands and felt the sheets upon which she was lying. It was wet. She brought her hands in front of her and was startled for a moment. It was blood. […]

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