You Are Never Alone

You Are Not Alone - English Poem - Little Authors

You Are Never Alone

You look in front of you, then behind
Then around, but there isn’t any way
Nor there’s any friend you can find
Everyone has forsaken you and gone away
You’re completely alone in that valley of agony
Where you have to fight internally each day
Gradually you sink deep in your misery
And each and every joy of life turns grey.

In front of others you pretend to be happy
But inside you’re a bloody, mangled mess
Torturing and agonizing the world slowly become
And all colours and beauties go in vain
Desperately you want others to help thee
But nobody ever realises your sadness
Worthless, deserted you want death to come
And free you from every sorrow and pain–

But why? Even if you consider
Yourself not alive, think you are
A dead lump of flesh and blood, you’ve still
An existence, you are not just nothing.
Your breath still flows, your heart’s beating
Pain, sorrow, disappointment you can feel,
You’re human, created by God, for the evil
Can hurt you– just don’t stop fighting.

Who told you’re friendless? It’s not true.
Dear friend, nature never abandons you
The wind lovingly strokes your hair
The golden rays of sun kiss your skin
You are never, ever alone! Be bold,
You are not futile, for you still hold
God’s wonderful gift that’s life, don’t despair
You always have the power to do anything.

Don’t think you’re worthless, for you are strong
You haven’t lost to your sadness and pain
So brave you are, they won’t hurt you long,
They will leave you soon, and you’ll win.
Don’t ever let your sorrows defeat thee,
Look into its eyes and say, “I am happy.”
Cheer up, dear friend, never stop hoping,
Somewhere in this vast world, your friends are waiting

By Bidisha Maity

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You Are Never Alone

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