The Beckoning Universe

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The Beckoning Universe

The glitters that adorned
The eternal darkness of universe
Were smiling at her,
Silently calling her, “Come, come!”

The stream of sweet wind flowed
Through her mangled soul and stroked
Lovingly her sore eyes and whispered,
“Come, we’ll take you with us!”

But she couldn’t do anything than
Grasping the emptiness, and stretching
Her arms to nothingness, because
She knew, her dreams would be afar forever…

She knew, her wishes were empty as ever,
It was destined for her to get sucked
Back to the primordial void of creation
She was not the one to change that.

She wanted the breeze to carry her
Yonder where the stars were beaming,
She wanted to get lost in ancient expanse
To become one with its cosmic entity.

She wanted to tear apart
The cruel rules of the unforgiving world,
She wanted death to dissipate her
In the oblivion of no return.

By Bidisha Maity

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The Beckoning Universe

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