Ode To A Sapling

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Ode To A Sapling

Arise, green angel, awake from thy slumber,
Open thy eyes to world, for here comes the hour.

On thy bed his elixir sky does shower
To soften the hold of Earth’s loving sheath,
Wake up, green angel, out of underneath
Cleave and split yer way, let riven thy binds.

Come up, in Earth’s air flutter yer leaves,
Heaven will lave thee with rays and nectar.

Flourish, angel, in thy garbs of redeemer!
Thou shalt absorb all poison of ours,
And us all sustenance shalt thou giveth,
Still thy brown corslet will devils smiteth.

Ne’er they’re forgiven, for green angel shines
Over their death from unabsorbed toxins

By Bidisha Maity

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Ode To A Sapling

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