School Life

School Life Not being sharp as a knife,In your school life. Not being busy, not being stressed,Except the fear of test. Neither any tension of placement, nor of job,The main motive was to stay on top. The laughs, the jokes you crack,Remember they won’t ever come back. Best period is of class eight, seven and […]

Best Year Of School

Best Year Of School This is about the best year of my school life, the year when I actually learned about the importance of percentage, the true value of friends, friends group and a lot more. The 9th grade! The 8th grade had just ended. We got our results on 26th March. The sudden boost […]

Are Exams A Pain ?

Are Exams A Pain ? School exams are a pain, it’s trueAll that studying can make you blueThe pressure’s high, the stress is realBut there’s a reason for this ordeal Exams test what we have learnedAnd help us see where we have turnedThey show us where we need to improveAnd where we’ve already made a […]

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