The First Day Of School

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The First Day Of School

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Riya. She was a very cute girl. When she was two, she used to play at home and enjoyed staying at home.

But now, she was about to be three years, but she would be very small in her class as she was born in September. But her mom decided not to wait now as she would get some practice of studying in the school and would get some ideas of the rules of the school that can be useful to her when she would be useful to her.

So, when the admissions started in the schools, her mom took admission for her in the nursery school. After the admission, her mom purchased uniform, books, tiffin box, water bottle, pencil box, bag and stationary for her. Riya was happy while buying it. But when it was the time to go to the school in the month of June, she denied one month

Like this, one month passed by. So in July, her mom realized that it’s too late now. So she decided to take her to the school.

So one day, Riya woke up at 8:30 a.m. and the school time was 9:15 a.m. So her mom did as decided. She dressed Riya, and then she tied her hair, packed her tiffin and kept it in the bag. Then she packed her books, pencil box and water bottle in her bag and gave her the breakfast. Then they started their way to school. After reaching to the school, her teacher welcomed her.

When Riya went to her class, she saw all her friends. But she only sat beside her teacher, not with her friends as it was the first day of her school and was afraid to sit with her friends. She completed her classwork and ate lunch. But after sometime she started crying for her mom. Her teacher tried to make her happy by giving her chocolates and stars and smiles on her hands. But even that didn’t work.

So, her teacher called Riya’s mom. Her mom came and took her home. But though she cried in the school, she liked her school very much. From that day, she went to the school regularly but after one hour again she cried for her mom and said her teacher to call her mother. So she called her mom and went home.

But after some days, Riya realized that she did many activities and played many games in her school, so she stayed for the full time in the school. So, after coming from the school, she waited for the next morning and went to the school happily.

By Swara Mahesh K

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The First Day Of School

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