The Witch

The Witch Long ago there was a village which was near to the forest. The forest was considered to be a very haunted and spooky one. There was a long tale which went down from generation to generation that there was some kind of magical substance which lived in the forest. However, a few villagers […]

The Alien

The Alien Ayaan, Bilal and Francis were playing in the park. Suddenly the wind started blowing fiercely and a huge space shuttle appeared. The kids were surprised, but also scared to see an unusual spaceship. They had read so many stories about aliens landing on the earth, but they never thought they would witness it […]

The Missing Ball

The Missing Ball Rajan and Myra were brother and sister. They lived in a one storied house along with their parents. There was also a dog in their house named Jumbo. Which was very cute and very naughty but everyone loved Jumbo. Both of them liked him. All three played together with that ball. One […]

Zombie Monkeys

Zombie Monkeys As you must have read in my previous story “The Zombie Apocalypse”, King Zach was killed by Steve. After Zach, the Zombie King died, the zombies made a new king named Zeke. Zeke was a very boring Zombie King and never even tried to do something fun.One day, all the zombies except Zeke […]

The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse Once, there lived a Zombie King named Zach in his kingdom in Zombie Land. He was always irritated and agitated as the zombies he sent to Human Land were being killed by a man named Steve. One night, he decided to put an end to this. He needed to activate his last […]

The Encounter

The Encounter It stay still, ready to pounce any second. Its green gleaming eyes shone in the darkness. Its soft beige fur slightly rustled with the cool breeze. Lisa let out a stifled cry and softly clung to the walls of the cave. Well as soon as she thought about the tiger, it let a […]

The Kidnapping Of Cinderella

The Kidnapping Of Cinderella In the magical kingdom of Fairy Land was Cinderella living with her Prince. One day while she was strolling in the palace gardens, some minions kidnapped Cinderella, leaving a note that said: “Give us 100 crores If you want to see Cinderella again. Signed: The Evil Witch” When the prince returned […]

Spotty And Tabby

Spotty And Tabby In a small house near the edge of the town lived a mouse called Spotty. He was brown all over except for a small white patch on his head. The owner of the house knew about Spotty but ignored him. Spotty was very careful not to spoil any food in the house […]

The Mystery Of The Missing Water

The Mystery Of The Missing Water The summer vacation continued, it was time for Navya to visit her grand parents in their village. Their grandparents lived around 200km from the city where Navya lived. As soon as they reached the village, Navya could feel the heat all over the body. It was hot, very very […]

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