What Happened To The Dinos

What Happened To The Dinos I have always wondered what really happened to the dinos,Did they actually die because of a crater?Or was it stuff that scientists just made up,To fool their fellow beings. I have always wondered what really happened to the dinos,Did the teleport to another planet.Did they get tired of earth and […]

Teamwork Across Time

Teamwork Across Time In Manhattan New York there lived a historian and single mother, Disha with her 10-year-old daughter Emily. Emily was home schooled by her tutor, Aaron. Aaron was six years older than Emily. Emily and Aaron shared and interest for Arithmetic. Emily was left brained, she was a lot more logical than artistic, […]


Feelings Once upon a time in the green jungle there were two best friends Mellie and Charlie, who were as different as night and day. Mellie who was an elephant was known for her gloomy demeanor whereas Charlie who was a cheetah was always funny and bubbling with happiness. One sunny morning, as Mellie trudged […]

The Jungle Adventure

The Jungle Adventure Once upon a time in the heart of the jungle, there lived an elephant named Ellie and a mouse named Mikey. Now, Ellie was a gentle giant with enormous ears and an even bigger heart. Mikey was a tiny mouse with an even tinier sense of fear. One sunny morning Ellie decided […]

Race To The Moon

Race To The Moon Once upon a time there was a rivalry,To win a race that would be mankind’s infinity.It was a fight between U.S and U.S.S.R so fiery.Only the bravest astronauts would take part in this attempt so scary! I’ll tell you it’s not a war on ground,It’s a war in space so very […]

The Old House

The Old House Once upon a time, Mr John and his family lived in a house. But every night, they could hear footsteps and loud scary noises. So they always became disturbed and the children got scared. They decided to shift from there. Nobody else dared to go there. After a year, a family came […]

An Eerie Night

An Eerie Night It was a stormy and dark night, and Scarlett was alone at home. As her parents were out for an urgent work. Scarlett was very afraid of storms, but tonight was different. As the wind howled outside, Scarlett heard strange noises coming from the attic. She tried to ignore it. But the […]

A Thunder Night To Remember

A Thunder Night To Remember Harry and his friends, George and Roman are going for a tour in the forest of Germany where Harry’s grandfather live. When they go there so they decided to go in forest by walk or by cycle. So when they reached in Germany so they got that Harry’s grandfather was […]

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