New Year, New Beginnings

New Year New Beginnings - Little Authors - Veeva Arora

New Year, New Beginnings

As every 1st of January approaches.. we leave an entire year behind us. A year that has taught us several lessons, a year that has helped us grow and become the person we take with us in the New Year.

As for 2023, these 365 days meant a lot to me. I evolved. Did a few mistakes , yes.. but I also admitted and realised them. I believe that every year is about experiences, attempts , failures and success. I attempted to participate in an elocution competition, i won the second prize.. u get that when u succeed yet also fail. I managed to beat everyone but that one person who got 1st. After all this.. the most valuable thing I received was the experience.

No chance that with all this positivity, there wasn’t any negativity. Life is a balance of both.. and it would be for 2024 as well. There had been things I had to let go, friendships that broke, eyes that sobbed, and arguments that I regret, but in the end that made me help become this girl who is about to enter 8th grade this year.

I recall, it was the dawn of a new pair of 366 days.. I was so ready for them. But I couldn’t just pass a new resolution. I needed to remember my days I lived in all my previous years. In terms of ‘looking back’ , I suggest it can be divided in coarsely two parts: what worked for you and what didn’t. In that way it can help summarise your year and know what you expect for the upcoming year.

A huge thing that is important , is letting go things that add a negative value in your life, this process is also known as unlearning ; And acknowledge your past mistakes hence , learning. As for some of us children, the exams are a month away after January arrives and its important to highlight the amount of hardwork we need to give, for the return of our desired results.

Our past is a significant factor for our present and for the well being of our future, all we need to do is know what to leave and know what to carry. Every person has the fire in their soul, so with that flame.. we shall burn all the negatives , displeasing pasts and demons and from that ash, birth a flower of love , gratitude and grace that will spread it’s pleasant fragrance in our life.

By Veeva Arora

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New Year, New Beginnings

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