Author : Pranav Mishra

Essay – The G20

Essay – The G20 The G20 Summit is an annual gathering of leaders from 19 of the world’s largest economies and the European Union. The Group of Twenty (G20) was established in 1999 and serves as the premium forum for global economic cooperation and shaping. The G20 Summit significantly contributes to molding and enhancing the […]

Vikram Batra – The Hero

Vikram Batra – The Hero Vikram Batra was a hero, brave and trueA valiant soldier, always ready to fightWith a heart of gold and a fearless spiritHe stood tall, defending our nation with all his might In the treacherous peaks of the Kargil warHe led his men with courage and graceCharging forward with a fearless […]

Don’t Judge Quickly

Don’t Judge Quickly This is a story about why we shouldn’t judge quickly. A Father and his Daughter were playing in the park.  His young daughter spotted an apple vendor.  She asked her father to buy her an apple.  Father didn’t bring much money with him, but it was enough to purchase two apple.  So, […]

A Sunny Day

A Sunny Day The sun was shining so bright,having beaten the clouds in fight. We wanted to go out for fun.I wish the clouds could beat the sun. Evening came and the sun went down.We all went for a walk in the town. Water was flowing down the stream,While I was licking my ice cream. […]


Seasons Winter is cold, with gusts of tumbling snow,When rain falls down and nothing ever grows.For children, it’s the snow that they desireAnd cups of cocoa in front of the fire. When winter’s gone, the grass grows green again.Roses and tulips sprout with bright green stems.The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing.Sheep are grazing […]

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