The Kidnapping Of Cinderella

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The Kidnapping Of Cinderella

In the magical kingdom of Fairy Land was Cinderella living with her Prince.

One day while she was strolling in the palace gardens, some minions kidnapped Cinderella, leaving a note that said: “Give us 100 crores If you want to see Cinderella again. Signed: The Evil Witch”

When the prince returned home, he searched for Cinderella in the entire palace but couldn’t find her. He was very worried and decided to take the help of the police.

The police assigned the case to a special unit specialized in combating kidnapping. The team was made up of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, who was responsible for computer systems and Pinocchio, who was a ninja expert in martial arts.

During the investigation, Little Red Riding Hood told the team to find out where the Evil Witch stayed. Snow White immediately searched for the address of The Evil Witch on the internet, and located her by using a GPS system.

Meanwhile, the Evil Witch was in her castle watching their steps using her magic mirror. When she realized they were on the way to her castle, she sent her loyal assistant, Peter Pan to ambush them with a weapon and some hand grenades.

Luckily, Cinderella used her computer to introduce a virus and published a video showing a car exploding during an ambush. When the Evil Witch saw it she was very happy as she thought that her plan had worked and so went to relax by taking a bath, feeling very confident.

Peter Pan failed during the ambush, the crime fighting team where in their bullet proof car and passed through Peter Pan’s ambush without a scratch.

When they arrived at the castle, the team couldn’t get inside, because it was closed. So, they asked Pinocchio to climb over a wall and open the door from the inside.

A big battle then started inside. The Evil Witch and her gang were winning little by little. Peter Pan reached them and began a sword battle against the brave Pinocchio. They had built a special trap for him and suddenly he fell into a hole full of termites who wanted to eat him.

Fortunately, Little Red Riding Hood dropped a rope into the hole and pulled up Pinocchio. But the team were about to be defeated and were surrounded by the Evil Witch henchmen. Suddenly a fast red Ferrari, skidding around the bends, with the music very loud, appeared. Everybody was shocked, because they couldn’t see anybody inside until the door opened and the Prince appeared. They began to beat up those who were in the middle of the battle.

Finally, they managed to stop Peter Pan and his henchmen. Pinocchio and Little Red Riding Hood went to catch the witch, who was inside her castle, making herself pretty in front of the mirror and it was a very unpleasant moment for the witch when they arrested her.

Cinderella was freed by the specialist team and thanks to her Prince.

By Karthik Kumar

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The Kidnapping Of Cinderella

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