The Wise Old Man

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The Wise Old Man

In a far away land lived a old wise man. He had many students learning with him. One day a student came to him and asked “Sir, how many friends should one person have?”

The old man replied “You know the answer yourself.” The student shook his head, so the old man took the student to the garden where they stood an apple tree.

“Bring me an apple from the highest branch of the tree.” said the old man to the student. The student tried hard but he couldn’t reach the highest branch. He said “I am sorry sir, the branch is too high for me.”

“Why don’t you ask your friends?” said the old man. The student asked on his friend and he stood on his shoulder. But even though he couldn’t reach the branch.

Looking at the him the old man said “Why don’t you ask your other friends for help?”. So the student asked all his friends to help. Together they formed a human pyramid and tried to reach the apple. But the branch was high and the pyramid crumpled with all of them falling down.

Seeing their failure, the old man asked “How many friends do you need?”. The student replied “I need many more friends”

The old man shook his head “You may require many friends, but what you require is one smart friend who could bring a ladder to reach the apple.”

By Karthik Kumar

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The Wise Old Man

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