The Missing Ball

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The Missing Ball

Rajan and Myra were brother and sister. They lived in a one storied house along with their parents. There was also a dog in their house named Jumbo. Which was very cute and very naughty but everyone loved Jumbo. Both of them liked him. All three played together with that ball.

One day in the morning, Rajan and Myra thought of playing with the ball. Rajan and Myra started searching for that ball from place to place. They searched everywhere but could not find that ball anywhere. They saw all the places and especially that place where they had kept that ball. But, the ball was not there. This was not just the first time. Many things in the house were disappearing.

Both of them could not understand what was happening in the house. It had become a mystery inside the house.

First of all, they both looked closely at the place where the ball was placed. Rajan and Myra examined the place very closely. After investigation, they found a piece of evidence. By finding this evidence they got the first lead in their investigation.

There they found a small dark hair. This was like a proof for them that they wanted to use to find their lost ball.

Rajan showed that black hair to his sister and said, “Myra, look what we got?”

Myra said, “What did you get?”

“Look at this short black hair. See this carefully. We got our evidence.” Rajan said.

“Now the question arises, whose black hair is it?” Rajan asked Myra.

Both Myra and Rajan started thinking about that hair. At first, they thought that every one’s hair is black in the house, also of father, also of mother, and also of us, and our dogs also have black hair.

Both of them thought that their parents could not take the ball because what would they both do with it? In such a situation, the suspicion of both of them was only and only on their dog.

Now both of them kept an eye on their dog and looked closely at him. They both kept an eye on his antics. Both wanted to know what he was doing?

The day went on but they had not got the ball yet. But, still their suspicion remained only on jumbo.

One day both of them saw that their dog was digging a pit behind a tree. Both of them were surprised to see this action of Jumbo. Then started thinking, what is he doing?

Both of them watched his actions quietly and kept watching him till Jumbo left from there. Then after some time the dog left from there, then together they decided that now they will go there and see what is there. And there may the end of their investigation.

Now both went under that tree and saw the place well. There, detectives dug the pit and were surprised to see what they saw inside that pit.

At that place there were many such items of the house which the dog had brought and hid there and they found their ball in that place.

Detectives took all those things inside the house and showed the mother and father. They told them that it was our naughty Jumbo who hides the household items from various places.

Seeing all this Jumbo started jumping in the house. He was trying to show his innocence but all they know that he was behind it. Again they played with the ball and enjoyed what they did.

By Aliana Khatri

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The Missing Ball

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