Books Books are the best,They can never beat the rest, Oh forget your mobile, as well as your kindle,These gadgets don’t really twinkle, Little Women, Old Yeller, The diary of Anne Frank,They are classics, Which really are the best, Books are the bestThey can never beat the rest! By Sakhi Sabhachandani Visit our Facebook Page […]

World Book Day

World Book Day On World Book Day we celebrateThe power of words on what they createStories and knowledge both old and newFrom pages of books that we turn to In every book a new adventure liesA chance to see through new eyesWe remember times long goneAnd discover new ideas to ponder upon From children’s tales […]

Wonderful Books

Books, treasures in my hands,Stories waiting to be read. A journey waiting to embark,With each page, I’m led. From cover to cover, I explore,A world of magic and delight. In each book, I find more,A never-ending source of light. A world within a world,Filled with tales both bright and bold. From pages we can travel […]

I Love Books

I Love Books Books are my friends,I love to read them all,They take me on adventures,And never let me fall. I can be anyone,Go anywhere I choose,With just the turn of a page,I can’t help but lose. Mystery, adventure,Sci-fi, or history,I’ll read them all with glee,For books are my true love, you see. So come, […]

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