The Garden Bandit

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The Garden Bandit

The robins’ dawn song sounded in my ears as I pull open my curtains. The light breeze swept on the ground near my feet. A smile resembled on my face. Birds swirled around me as I touch my nightgown with the tip of my wand and transformed it into my shining- light blue dress. A headband made of white daffodils nested on my straight, silky, brown hair. I swirled around myself with my wand and landed in the palace gardens.

Qinku was waiting for me. Qinku is the golden brown fox]. It ran to me as I walked towards some roses. I was the princess and fairy of the plants and flowers. My best friend, Bella, was the princess and fairy of bells. I laughed when I heard a small chiming of bells behind me.”Got ya Bella!”I laughed as Bella fell in shock that I knew she was going to scare me from behind. Then we raced each other down the garden’s path. Then we met Queen Mariposa and King Sterling.

We bowed down to them. Then we heard a rustling in the bushes and a raccoon leaped out.”Raccoon Rex!” we all exclaimed. Then I saw it holding two golden flowers. I immediately grabbed it and snatched the flowers away. I knew who was behind this ………….. Tina! She is a bandit with the help of Racoon Rex. King Sterling shouted at it and it crept away. “We need to catch Tina!”Bella declared furiously.”I know how!”I replied. And I whispered my plan into their ears.

The next day I collected some golden flowers and place them in a basket, then I set the trap. A few minutes passed, Bella was hiding in the bushes, the King and Queen were looking at the Grand Balcony. I was hiding with two guards, then both Tina and Rex came out and grabbed the basket, they tripped over some rocks that I had thrown on the ground and the guards went to arrest them. They were placed away in prison. And now the Garden Bandits are caught!

By Canvy Chong

The Garden Bandit

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