Author : Canvy Chong

The Storm

The Storm I was alone at home with my little brother. Our mom had gone grocery shopping because we were out of supplies while our dad was still at work. My brother and I were watching Tv when I could hear a loud rumble in the distance. The air started to smell like rain. I […]

Not Doing Homework

Not Doing Homework I started on my homework, but my parrot flew away. I rushed to get it back, grabbing a bag of carrots! I ran across a patch of daisies into a muddy pond. I got some flowers for my mom, and it was already dawn! I shrunk into the size of an ant. […]

The Story of Legend Nian

The Story Of Legend Nian According to Chinese mythology, the Nian is a beast that lives under the sea or mountains. The character Nian usually means new year. Now I will tell you the story about the legend of Nian. In ancient Chinese mythology, there lived a monster called Nian. Every New Year’s Eve, it […]

The Garden Bandit

The Garden Bandit The robins’ dawn song sounded in my ears as I pull open my curtains. The light breeze swept on the ground near my feet. A smile resembled on my face. Birds swirled around me as I touch my nightgown with the tip of my wand and transformed it into my shining- light […]

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