Helping Others

Helping Others

Helping Others

It was a warm evening .Everyone in the village were busy with their work. A fruit seller called Pinto was getting ready for a long journey. Everyone liked him so much because he was honest, obedient and sharing. When he told his wife that he was going to the next village to sell his juicy fruits then his wife said that there is a wicked witch on the way to the next village, so dear husband do be careful.

The next day Pinto bid farewell and said to his wife he would be back in 3 days and then started his journey. He walked for a long distance and sighed, and said to himself, “ OK …only 2 and a half miles to reach the next village”. Then he sat down on a rock and fell asleep when he woke up he was surprised to see a woman holding a broomstick, a black hat and a black dress. Then he understood that it was the wicked witch. The witch asked pinto “will you marry me ?” Pinto disliked the woman and said. “ NO…. never”, the witch was furious and asked him again “will you marry me?”.

Pinto was very angry and shouted in a louder voice. “Never!”. But this time the witch lose her temper and told Pinto she cursed him. When he reached his village. All his companions asked him, “Where have you been for these days??”. But Pinto did not answer to them and pushed them away. He went to his house and opened the door. That time his wife came rushing and asked him, “ Where have you been for these days??” .But Pinto did not answer to her and pushed her away, his wife asked him, “What happened to you?” but this time Pinto scolded her and told her to get out of the house.

Then she wept and walked through the village, then one of the shop’s owner asked her, “what is the matter?”. She narrated the whole incident. Then the shop owner told her that may be the wicked witch have cursed a spell on Pinto. She asked how could I break the curse. Then the shop owner called all the villagers and narrated the incident and asked them how could they break the curse. All villagers said they did not knew how to break it. But one old woman said she knew how to break the curse , she told them that they should talk pinto softly and act kindly ,slowly the curse would be broken.

Day by day they acted softly to pinto but there was no improvement after 2 weeks they went to the old woman and complained about it. The old woman said to try more. And so the villagers tried again and again and finally after 2 months Pinto became normal. That time the wicked witch who had cast the curse on Pinto came to the village and said, “I am not a wicked witch, they call me because one day by mistakenly I burned a house. So please do not consider me as a wicked witch. I came here to congratulate you all for your hard work. You are the best villagers in this world because you did not stop your work to change Pinto’s mind even though after 2 weeks.” So they learned a lesson to try and try until you reach the way of success.

Moral to us :In this story we can see two personalities one is the witch and the other is Pinto. When a person does something wrong people make them into wrong personalities and never give a chance to change. Some others are the people who believe others and think about it and waste their time…

By Ayman Younis

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Helping Others

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