The Story of Legend Nian

The Story Of Legend Nian

The Story Of Legend Nian

According to Chinese mythology, the Nian is a beast that lives under the sea or mountains. The character Nian usually means new year.

Now I will tell you the story about the legend of Nian.

In ancient Chinese mythology, there lived a monster called Nian. Every New Year’s Eve, it would descend from its cave and attacked the nearby village. It would harm and eat lots of people, especially children. He would also eat their livestock. So every New Year, they would lock their doors and hide until it has passed. One day as the faithful day approach, an old beggar man enter the village.

The man asked who was willing to offer him a place to stay. The villagers, however, were so concerned about protecting themselves that they pay no attention to the man. Then an old lady saw the poor man and offer him some food. The man asked why did the villagers lock their doors and hide. The old lady then explained the situation to him.

She pleaded with him to leave the village as soon as possible. He requested if she offered him a place to stay for the night, he would help banish the evil monster. The old lady agreed. Once midnight arrived, so did Nian. It was usually dark, but this year Nian could see lights in the distance. Nian slowly walked through the village. And then saw the old lady’s house covered with reading paper and decorations. He began to growl and trembled in fear and rage. Before Nian could charge, the door slammed open, lots of fireworks came from inside. Through the smoke, the man came out wearing all red. He was loudly beating a drum and laughing at the terrified Nian. Overcome with fear, Nian fled away from the village.

When the villagers came out from their houses, they were surprised to find themselves unharmed. Then the old lady explained what happens. The man taught the villagers how to make fireworks using bamboo sticks. And now Nian never attacked the villagers again. They lived happily from then.

By Canvy Chong

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The Story of Legend Nian

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